An Establishment of PT. Adrifa Satria Security, was started with PT. Adrifa Nusantara Security which founded established in 2006, in Jakarta. As the request by The Indonesian Businesses in particular a company that from abroad and another country, which they need a figure who can be trusted, having loyalty and skill also competent in an effort to security services.

At the end of 2005 one of the Management of PT. Adrifa attended an invitation from one of the big companies in Jakarta, where one of their leaders explained to Adrifa’s team that their company was facing and had serious problems concerning security issues within their company environments, at the time, there was witnessed by the company’s chairman who came from other countries, in shortly, Team Adrifa has provided the right and appropriate solutions was desired by company leadership.

By the time, the head of the company was from the others countries who’ve been participated and witnessed previously, re-invite PT team Adrifa and Adrifa was succeed in order to provide the right solution related to the problems an issues was faced by the company was he leads. In the conference, besides expressed his gratitude, he also offered to building and create a quality team which is reliable, trustworthy and have expertise in maintaining goods and assets also employees at the company was he leads.

They are confident and very sure that was witnessed at that time, was finally found a figure that has been sought which have the ability and high fidelity that can give a real contribution in providing security services to the company was leads present and future.

With this opportunity, PT. Adrifa was born with Motto: “We are here because of you and We are the best one for you” Such as a National Company that actives and operates under the licenses which are issued by MABES POLRI as The Security Services of Business Entity (SSBE), that consist:

Training and Education Security

  • Education to Candidates for Security Officer
  • Specialization Training recommended by the relevant agencies
  • Re-training to refresh in order to maintain the basic skill of Security Officer
  • Organizing to upgrades by workshops, and Seminar Security Educations.

Guard Service

  • Environmental analysis due security in potential threats
  • Development of Security Systems
  • Create a standard Operation Procedure
  • Provision of Security Officer
  • Personnel Operational Monitoring
  • Implementation of Human Resource & Personnel Administration
  • Provision of Equipment Communication Networks among Security Personnel

Due their function PT. ADRIFA SATRIA SECURITY collaborates with government and private agencies are :

  • Technical Cooperation and development non Technical with National Police Headquarters such as Regional and Secretariat Polices has becomes our services area.
  • Technical Cooperation and Implementation with any elements between an ARMY, NAVY and AIR FORCES.
  • Cooperation with regional coordinator of Department Labor DKI JAYA.
  • Cooperate due development of Extinguisher DKI JAKARTA.
  • Cooperate with Health Department of National Police.

PT. ADRIFA SATRIA SECURITY is managed with absolutely composite with professional defenses and National Security in one side, and an expert in their own fields are Company Management, Human Resource Management and Financial Operation.